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Upcoming Uncle Bonsai Concerts

The "Corniversary" Show

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The "Corniversary" Show

Postby andrew » Thu Jul 25, 2019 6:37 pm

In 1984, we release our first album, "A Lonely Grain of Corn." A local (commercial!) radio station, KEZX, had put one of our songs, Suzy, on their compilation release, and into heavy rotation, so, by the time the album actually hit the streets, there was already some demand for it . . . if you can call wanting an Uncle Bonsai album "demand."

KEZX had also started playing Charlie and Me and, a little while later, Johnny, It's Downhill From Here. It was so great to have a commercial station willing to play local artists not just as "local artists" but as part of the standard playlist. Lots of stations, including the one that sort of took over for KEZX in this market, will have a "local house of programming" on a Sunday morning or something but isn't that a little insulting? It's looking saying "we like what you do but it's certainly not professional!" (We had that problem with the local newspaper as well. They would not write about Uncle Bonsai, no matter how well we were doing. It wasn't until the Sunday New York Times Arts & Leisures section did a whole story on us, and Jon Kertzer went over there and dropped it on a desk, that they finally did an article.)

ANYWAY, this is a long way of saying we're celebrating the 35th Anniversary of that recording, and Uncle Bonsai's 38th year, at The Triple Door, on Thursday, September 19th. We'll be doing almost all the songs from the album, a few more from the "early years," and even a world premiere from an upcoming project. This is the one chance, seemingly annual now, to hear more of those "songs we swore we'd never sing again."

Tickets are going fast:
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